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Public Economic and Constitutional Law

A strong constitution. Public law is truly dynamic, as it contains the laws to change the laws.

Public economic and constitutional law require an enthusiasm for bringing about change. We regard the complexity of regulations as an incitement to defend freedom and to charter new ways through the legal jungle.

Public economic law

Business is sustained in and by the rule of law: it benefits from judicial protection and legal certainty while it chafes under the constraints of red tape. For business, public law may be an open field or a maze, a guarantor of or a stumbling block to economic development. That is precisely where our creative and innovative legal approach come in. Our job is to come up with solutions and provide the skills to implement them. In a nutshell: we innovate, we do not merely administrate – when it comes to handling permitting, registration or admission procedures, enforcing rights or recovering rights that have been deprived. From A to Z, our expertise spans all areas of public business law, from medicinal product law to customs law. Our services likewise cover life science law as well as product authorisation and labelling law, the admission of medicinal products to the Austrian Reimbursement Code and deletion from the country’s Contaminated Sites Atlas.

Constitutional law

Our mission is to protect our clients’ fundamental and human rights. We thus represent them in all proceedings with the authorities and courts, including Austria’s higher courts (Constitutional Court, Supreme Court), the European Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights.

Specifically for local authorities and interest groups, we draft laws, decrees, regulations, ordinances, policy guidelines and decisions in various areas of business law. Moreover, we draw up expert reports and opinions on issues relating to the legal and constitutional conformity of rules and regulations

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