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Legal Notice and Disclosure

Information pursuant to Sec 25 Austrian Media Act (MedienG); Sec 14 Austrian Commercial Code (UGB); Sec 5 Austrian E-Commerce Act (E-CG):

Company / service provider / media owner
Haslinger / Nagele Rechtsanwälte GmbH, Roseggerstraße 58, 4020 Linz, Austria

Telephone +43 732 784331

Telefax +43 732 774331

E-Mail office@haslinger-nagele.com

Commercial register number FN 228459w, Regional Court Linz

VAT identification ATU 56230625

ADVM code P430148

Supervisory agency
Bar Association of Upper Austria, Gruberstraße 21, 4020 Linz, telephone + 43 732 771730, telefax +43 732 771730-85, e-mail office@oerak.at; website: www.oerak.at

Business objective
Haslinger / Nagele Rechtsanwälte GmbH is a limited liability company of lawyers organized under the laws of Austria with its registered office in Linz. The business objective of Haslinger / Nagele Rechtsanwälte GmbH is practising the legal profession including the provision of related ancillary services and support.

Managing directors (authorized representatives)
Dr. Wolfgang Berger, Dr. Wilhelm Bergthaler, Dr. Fabian Blumberger, Mag. Christoph Dupal, P.LL.M, MMag. Dr. Johanna Fischer, Mag. Markus Gaderer, LL.M., Mag. Julia Goth, LL.M., Mag. René Haumer, LL.M., Dr. Alexander Hiersche, MMag. Dr. Daniela Huemer, LL.M., Mag. Thomas Kurz, Dr. Dietmar Lux, LL.M., Dr. Norbert Nagele, Mag. Martin Oder, LL.M., Mag. Martin Stempkowski, Dr. Christoph Szep, Dr. Bernd Wiesinger, Dr. Roland Zauner

Share capital EUR 92,000.00 (fully paid in)

Dr. Wolfgang Berger (Beteiligung: 4,35 % = EUR 4.000,00)
Dr. Wilhelm Bergthaler (Beteiligung: 8,70 % = EUR 8.000,00)
Dr. Fabian Blumberger (Beteiligung: 4,35 % = EUR 4.000,00)
Mag. Christoph Dupal, P.LL.M. (Beteiligung: 8,70 % = EUR 8.000,00)
MMag. Dr. Johanna Fischer (Beteiligung: 4,35 % = EUR 4.000,00)
Mag. Markus Gaderer, LL.M. (Beteiligung: 4,35 % = EUR 4.000,00)
Mag. Julia Goth (Beteiligung: 4,35 % = EUR 4.000,00)
Dr. Klaus Haslinger (Beteiligung: 4,35 % = EUR 4.000,00)
Mag. René Haumer, LL.M. (Beteiligung: 4,35 % = EUR 4.000,00)
Dr. Alexander Hiersche (Beteiligung: 4,35 % = EUR 4.000,00)
MMag. Dr. Daniela Huemer, LL.M. (Beteiligung: 4,35 % = EUR 4.000,00)
Mag. Thomas Kurz (Beteiligung: 4,35 % = EUR 4.000,00)
Dr. Dietmar Lux (Beteiligung: 4,35 % = EUR 4.000,00)
Dr. Wolfgang Moringer, LL.M. (Beteiligung: 4,35 % = EUR 4.000,00)
Dr. Norbert Nagele (Beteiligung: 4,35 % = EUR 4.000,00)
Mag. Martin Oder, LL.M. (Beteiligung: 4,35 % = EUR 4.000,00)
Mag. Martin Stempkowski (Beteiligung: 8,70 % = EUR 8.000,00)
Dr. Christoph Szep (Beteiligung: 4,35 % = EUR 4.000,00)
Dr. Bernd Wiesinger (Beteiligung: 4,35 % = EUR 4.000,00)
Dr. Roland Zauner (Beteiligung: 4,35 % = EUR 4.000,00)

Applicable laws and regulations / Rules of professional conduct
Lawyers’ Code (RAO)
Federal Act on the free movement of services, establishment of European lawyers and provision of legal services in Austria by lawyers practising across EU Member States (EIRAG)
Disciplinary rules for lawyers and associates (DSt)
Guidelines for the performance of the legal profession and supervision of the duties of lawyers and associates (RL-BA)
Lawyers’ Fees Act
General Criteria for Professional Fees (AHK)
Guideline on ID-cards with electronic lawyers’ signature (Ausweis-RL)
Guideline on the establishment and management of the lawyers’ document archives (Urkundenarchiv-RL)
Guideline on professional awards (Ehrenzeichen-RL)
Professional rules for European lawyers (CCBE-Berufsregeln)
Framework arbitration and conciliation rules of the Austrian Bar Association (Rahmenschiedsordnung)
Rules of procedure of the Austrian Bar Association (Geo-ÖRAK)

Download applicable rules and regulations at



Content policy
The website contains non-political information, in particular dealing with matters of business and commercial law. The website is primarily addressed to clients and any other people interested in legal issues.

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