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Infrastructure & Public Sector

Those who build high towers need to spend a lot of time on the foundations.

The energy transition requires not only high towers and great accomplishments but also a firm foundation. While this does not only apply to energy transition projects, the concentration of European and national regulations in this area is particularly high. Project applicants face the challenge of having to navigate through this labyrinth of regulatory requirements.

As a law office with many years of experience in supporting large infrastructure and procurement projects we help you cut your way through the regulatory jungle. Whether a project involves the construction of a wind park, the expansion of a production plant or the development of rail, road or electricity networks – we assist you in preparing the project documents, in your communication with the approving authority and in defending your rights in appeal procedures.

Large-scale infrastructure projects are often carried out in collaboration with the public sector, which is why public procurement regulations become applicable. While this makes for additional transparency and opens the door to extensive participation by interested businesses, it also requires good knowledge of the growing body of different public procurement regulations. We use our long-standing experience to bring light into this thicket of regulatory regimes, be it by preparing tender documents and implementing procurement procedures or by supporting bidders in their effort to obtain the contract award.

Our services portfolio includes the following highlights:

Environmental and plant law

  • Representation of project applications in administrative procedures and court proceedings
  • Drafting of legal reports and support in the legislative process
  • Support in protecting the rights of stakeholders in plant approval procedures

Public procurement law

  • Organisation and completion of tenders
  • Own e-tendering platform brought to you by Haslinger / Nagele
  • Bidder support in their effort to obtain the contract award

Regulatory law

  • Comprehensive knowledge in law relating to the liberalised sectors (electricity, gas, railway, telecommunication, etc)
  • Many years of experience in supporting eco-electricity projects
  • Expertise at the interface of regulatory and competition law

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