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Banking & Capital Markets

Between bulls and bears: You can‘t rule out all risks, but you can have all the rules needed to avoid them.

The increased regulation with enhanced focus on compliance as well as the advancing digitalization, constantly poses new challenges for companies operating in the financial market. In a challenging market environment, solution-oriented and professional legal advice is crucial for the success of a project. The expertise of our young, dynamic banking and capital market team is widely diversified, with renowned financial institutions and promising start-ups among our clientele.

Clients and accounts – banking contracts put to the test

Our range of services includes the ongoing (civil law and regulatory) advice of credit institutions and financial service providers, as well as the drafting, amendment or revision of existing contracts and internal guidelines to new legal requirements.

In view of the harmonization efforts on the part of European legislators and given the extensive corpus of case law relating to the judicial review of contractual terms and conditions, the adaptation of templates and forms is of key importance. Our competence in this area has enabled us to efficiently resolve unavoidable consumer complaints in both sample and mass proceedings, and to find resilient solutions in areas of contract drafting in which legal certainty is unknown.

Capital flows and bank pools – focus on financing

One of our main areas of activity is supporting companies and credit institutions in the structuring and restructuring of national and cross-border financing. In particular, we have been providing advisory support in the areas of acquisition and project financing, real estate financing, trade and export financing, private equity, venture capital and mezzanine financing, as well as restructuring financing for many years.

As a borrower, and especially as a lender, you will benefit from the expertise of our bank and capital market team, which supports you with pragmatic, efficient solutions in structuring and implementing your financing transactions.

Capital Market

We also regularly advise listed companies (preparation of shareholders’ meetings, support in complying with disclosure and compliance obligations, etc.) and accompany clients and their shareholders on all capital market law issues (such as takeover law, relisting and delisting of securities, etc.).

Regulatory affairs

The rapidly increasing regulatory requirements for banks require qualified advice in areas that have traditionally been handled in-house. The EU-wide legal harmonization approach forces national supervisors and banks to harmonize their usual paths with new requirements. Regulatory requirements and legal areas previously dominated by civil law are increasingly interlinked- multidisciplinary thinking and action is required, particularly in the area of CRR. In view of our competence in public law and the resulting ability to provide qualified advice, particularly at the interface between supervisory law and conventional civil and corporate law, banks place their trust in complex issues of CRR and cross-institutional liquidity protection in us, as well as in the transfer or merger of institutions or individual business areas within or when changing professional associations.

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