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Christoph Szep graduated from the Johannes Kepler University of Linz with a PhD in Law in 1982. In 1983 he joined the law firm of Walter Haslinger, founder of present-day Haslinger / Nagele.

From the outset he has advised on corporate and commercial legal matters, working closely with Walter Haslinger. In 1988 he became a Partner of the firm.

Since 2000 Christoph Szep has been teaching M&A, corporate contracts and shareholder issues at universities and academies.

Christoph Szep is author of numerous publications. Among others, he wrote commentaries on the laws governing corporate restructurings for the renowned Austrian standard reference book on the Law of Stock Corporations (Aktiengesetz), edited by Prof. Eveline Artmann and Prof. Martin Karollus.

In addition, Christoph Szep holds a great number of offices in private foundations as member of several managing, advisory and supervisory boards. He is Vice President of the Bar Association of Upper Austria, where he is in charge of financial issues and investments.

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