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Organigramm | Haslinger / Nagele, Illustration: Karlheinz Wasserbacher

Family Offices

"Service is always case by case" - Carsten K Rath.

When organising and supporting the administration and protection of a family’s wealth over generations, not only organisational and legal challenges need to be addressed. Conflict potential (within a family) also needs to be taken into account. That is why it is so important to have a reliable, experienced partner who does not merely perform these tasks according to an established “routine” but takes into account the circumstances of each individual case as well as the specific (family) background factors.

We do not provide support in a “routine” manner; rather, we put the focus on you. In accordance with Carsten K. Rath’s quote, we always take into account your individual needs – whether in administration, the handling of your legal affairs or in conflict resolution.

Our services portfolio includes the following highlights:

Wealth management

  • Assistance in wealth planning and ensuring the financial security of family members over generations
  • (Legal) tax advice and support in case of investments in real estate, companies, art, securities or alternative investments
  • Coordination of wealth managers and controlling in coordination with the beneficial owners
  • Organisation and management of wealth (including payments, deadline management, etc)
  • Interface to members of the management board and advisory boards, banks, authorities, tax advisors, auditors, property managers, insurance agents
  • Bundling of altruistic and charitable activities

Trust law

  • Startups and management of private foundations
  • Customised deeds of foundation and supplementary foundation deeds
  • Completion of ongoing bookkeeping duties and preparation of annual financial statements
  • Payment of withholding tax refunds abroad
  • Assumption of management board functions

Corporate law

  • Perfect-fit business succession plans
  • Structuring and organisation of the necessary corporate framework (memoranda of association, shareholders’ agreements, by-laws, management board and managing director contracts, and similar)
  • Where needed, creation of a family constitution and family codex
  • Assumption of business management and supervisory board agendas

Matters concerning civil and succession law

  • Succession planning in consideration of the legal inheritance situation (also if international)
  • Preparation of marriage and inheritance contracts, wills, durable powers of attorney, living wills, and similar

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