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New publication: Handbook on Epidemic Law

The handbook “Epidemierecht” (Epidemic Law) was published by “Manz” earlier this week. The authors Alexander Hiersche, Kerstin Holzinger and Birgit Eibl had written the entire book in just a few weeks. It essentially consists of Alexander Hiersche’s dissertation from 2010 which has been comprehensively updated. Particular attention was paid to the current legislation and law enforcement regarding COVID-19.

The handbook provides the first systematic presentation of the Austrian Epidemic Law and deals with the Epidemic Act and the COVID-19 Measures Act together with the numerous regulations based on it. Moreover, it covers the Geschlechtskrankheitengesetz (Venereal Disease Act), the Tuberkulosegesetz (Tuberculosis Act) and the AIDS-Gesetz (Aids Act).

The work is rounded off by an in-depth analysis of the historical development and by a presentation of the constitutional framework as well as by references to European Union law and international law.

You can find more information on this on our COVID-19 website.


26. May 2020

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