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Haslinger / Nagele is widely renowned for its open and collaborative culture. As a leading modern law firm with offices in Linz and Vienna we continue to recruit, retain and motivate the most talented and dedicated people who will set new standards in our firm.

Internships for foreign law students

We offer internships to foreign law students with a focus on EU Law and European Human Rights Law.

Students and post graduate students who have a specific interest in and a sound knowledge of EU law, in particular in the fields of anti-trust law, public procurement law and environmental law, and/or European Human Rights Law are encouraged to apply for our internship program. Candidates are expected to have a fluent command of English and/or German.

You will be assigned to one of our partners and his/her team, who will introduce you to selected cases and pending proceedings in which you will assist the team in various ways: legal research, preparation of documents, consulting with the client etc.

Internships take place in our Vienna office, the duration ranging from 4 to 8 weeks.

For further information, please contact Andreas Rothmann.

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