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Abfallwirtschaft | Haslinger / Nagele, Illustration: Karlheinz Wasserbacher

Waste Management

Every end (of waste) holds its own magic…

… and there is an answer to every question, even if the answer is not always self-evident in waste management. That is likely due to the complexity of the sector. We use our long-standing experience – in the broad spectrum of legal fields that our community embraces – to navigate you through all the relevant aspects.

Whether you need a landfill project approved, are being sued by a competitor or want to contest administrative/criminal sanctions – we develop solutions for all your needs together with you and help you implement them.

Our services portfolio includes the following highlights:

Waste – key public-law aspects

  • Classification (waste, end of waste, product, by-product, processing), exemption and declaratory proceedings
  • Waste management plans: approvals for new facilities and for changes to existing facilities in all procedural regimes (individual waste materials, IPPC, Seveso III, preliminary operation and trial run, UVP) and all plant categories (e.g., stationary and mobile waste treatment facilities, processing and recovery facilities, biogas plants, landfill projects)
  • Legal advice, from project planning to closure and after-care
  • (Cross-border) waste shipment
  • Environmental liability
  • Administrative criminal law
  • Support in consultation with state institutions for the furtherance of interests
  • Expert reports and drafting of laws
  • Representation in dealings with the authorities and national as well as international courts and institutions

Legacy contamination

  • Obligations to pay contributions and declaratory proceedings
  • Liability and reorganisation proceedings
  • Procedures with the customs and financial authorities
  • Financial criminal proceedings

Contract awards, competition and energy

  • Contract award strategy for bidders and principals, review procedures and furtherance of interests
  • Contract awards involving utilities, private-public partnerships and innovation partnerships
  • Client representation in dealings with European and national competition authorities
  • Legal advice in matters regarding state aid, and drafting of legal reports
  • Power production from waste and related agendas (regulatory electricity law, energy-producing communities, state aid, etc)

All things waste management

  • Circular economy and supply chains
  • Advice in matters concerning restructuring measures
  • Employment law with sector-specific focus
  • Sector-specific M&A / corporate and commercial law
  • Criminal law (environmental offences, administrative accessoriness, etc)
  • All civil-law disputes (as in: procedural success through sector know-how)

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