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3rd edition urheber.recht

In 2021, the Copyright Act (UrhG) was comprehensively amended to address technological innovations such as artificial intelligence and user-generated content creation. The amendment clarified questions in the area of text and data mining, distribution of works on online platforms, and copyright contract law.

The third edition of urheber.recht (copyright.law), entitled “Systematic Commentary on the Copyright Act,” offers practical commentaries on the Copyright Act, current copyright judicature and literature as well as excursions into related areas of law. Contributions from 54 authors provide comprehensive answers to open questions that still exist after the last amendment.

In his contribution, Markus Gaderer comments on section 18a of the Copyright Act, which regulates public availability of works protected by copyright – in other words, everything that has to do with the Internet or is published there.

You can purchase a copy of the series here.


30. January 2024

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