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360° EE – legal advice for the energy transition

The energy transition is progressing, and the new draft of the Renewable Expansion Act is intended to act as a “game changer” and bring new growth spurts for renewable energy sources. With the practice group 360° Renewable Energy (abbreviated: 360° EE), Haslinger / Nagele will focus even more than before on providing comprehensive and anticipatory advice to existing and future stakeholders in the energy transition.

Why 360° EE?

In Austria, the goal is to supply the country exclusively with green electricity by 2030. Austria’s government has set a goal of reaching climate neutrality by 2040. The Renewable Expansion Act (“EAG”) is a key element in achieving this goal. In addition to the central legal areas of environmental and industrial plant law as well as energy law, the link with other areas of law is increasingly coming to the fore.

With the 360° EE practice group, Haslinger / Nagele offers “all-round advice”: In the form of a “one-stop shop”, need-based solutions are developed across all fields of law. The basis is a young and committed core team that can draw back on the support of experts with decades of experience in all matters of commercial law. In addition, coordination and communication are made easier by minimizing the number of contact persons.

Haslinger / Nagele has been accompanying numerous participants in the energy market in the planning, development, implementation and valorization of projects in connection with renewable energy sources for decades. In addition to the law firm’s strong positioning in the areas of industrial plant and environmental law, Haslinger / Nagele also serves as a “full-service law firm” in all other areas of corporate and commercial law. This expertise is regularly confirmed in national and international rankings.

The practice group 360° EE

The core of the practice group 360° EE are the “young and wild” RA Dr. Johannes Hartlieb, BSc, RAA, Mag. Kaleb Kitzmüller and RA Ing. Mario Laimgruber, LL.M.. During the successful joint processing of renewable energy projects, the idea of forming a corresponding practice group was born. Comprehensive support is guaranteed through quick accessibility, direct and uncomplicated contact and a 360° view. If necessary, other experts from Haslinger / Nagele are called in (labor law, financing, data protection etc.). This ensures that all relevant areas of law are optimally linked.

Johannes Hartlieb

Dr. Johannes Hartlieb, BSc is an Attorney-at-law specializing in regulatory, public procurement and competition law. He regularly deals with issues of regulated industries and in particular with energy regulation. He brings this expertise to the 360° EE practice group as well as his experience with tendering and funding procedures. In addition, he deals with legal issues relating to emissions trading.

Kaleb Kitzmüller

Mag. Kaleb Kitzmüller is an Associate at Haslinger / Nagele. His main areas of practice are M&A and real estate law. As part of renewable energy projects, he continuously advises project developers and operators on the implementation and utilization of energy systems. In the 360° EE practice group, he is your point of contact for all contractual issues.

Mario Laimgruber

Ing. Mario Laimgruber, LL.M. is an Attorney-at-law specializing in environmental and industrial plant law. In addition to his technical background, he has broad knowledge of conducting legal proceedings of all kinds in practice (EIA and approval as well as administrative penal proceedings, in particular in water, high-voltage lines, electricity, industrial plants, building, spatial planning, nature conservation, waste management and forestry law; granting easements; rights of coercion; compensation issues).

The platform www.360ee.at

On the 360° EE website, available at www.360ee.at and www.360erneuerbareenergie.at, new developments in the field of renewable energy are continuously presented. The platform provides information on legislative initiatives, discusses current issues and offers insight into ongoing and implemented projects. Other experts from Haslinger / Nagele and external experts regularly have their say to provide an all-round approach to the topic.


“Especially when implementing innovative concepts, technical understanding in combination with a practice-oriented approach and target-oriented process management are the deciding factors for a successful project. With the 360° approach, we develop holistic and at the same time tailored solutions.”

RA Ing. Mario Laimgruber, LL.M.

“When promoting renewable energies, various areas of law are intertwined. This requires extreme circumspection. The combination of a well-networked core team and a broad advisory unit enables problems to be identified at an early stage and dealt with efficiently.”

RA Dr. Johannes Hartlieb, BSc

“With the renewable energy communities, new stakeholders will enter the energy market soon. The need for interdisciplinary advice will continue to increase. With the 360° EE practice group, we can support projects from every area with expert knowledge and create a comprehensive added value.”

RAA Mag. Kaleb Kitzmüller


7. April 2021

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