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JUVE Magazin Beitrag Chancengleichheit

A question of (gender) justice

The current JUVE magazine focuses on female partners in the legal profession.

“Examples of successful female partners show that a career in a law firm and family planning are not mutually exclusive. However, it depends on the right environment.”

Juve March/April 2021

Daniela Huemer and Kerstin Holzinger are mentioned several times in the article as examples of successful female partners. The two of them disclose impressions of their personal experiences and explain what framework conditions are needed from their point of view in order to achieve equality between women and men at work and in everyday life.

In comparison to the also cited female quotas among the partners in larger law firms, Haslinger / Nagele once again scores above average. However, if you look at the partnerships as a whole, women are still in the minority in this law firm. Nevertheless, the situation is changing drastically if you look at the new appointments in recent years: here the number is already balanced. That gives us hope that the equality that Haslinger / Nagele is already practicing will gradually become even more visible to the outside world.

A package of measures established years ago and continuously adapted to current needs is intended to contribute to the equality of employees and partners in our law firm.

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13. April 2021

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