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Haslinger / Nagele Merry Christmas. Illustration: Konrad Wartbichler

Christmas will be “VOI fesch”

„It’s normal to be different. If we accept that and learn to deal with it, inclusion will succeed.“

VOI Fesch

VOI fesch is a project of “VOI – Verein für originelle Inklusion“, an association of volunteers devoted to supporting those who live on the fringe of society, to promoting the inclusion of people with disabilities, especially their artistic works.

Under the slogan “VOI fesch – original designs for more inclusion”, the original artworks created by disabled persons, their talents and skills become visible and accessible to a wide public.

The mission

We want a society in which differences and diversity are only natural.

The goal

An inclusive world!

Our Christmas card was designed by the artist Konrad Wartbichler.

Konrad Wartbichler is a colourful artist who works with a lot of seriousness and a lot of fun. Every day he starts with a walk to the nearby painting studio Randkunst Lieboch. His strengths are freehand drawing and many motifs, which he swiftly and accurately puts on paper. But he is not doing that for the sake of art itself. He loves simple pictures and working with expressive colours.

Konrad Wartbichler malend

Konrad Wartbichler, VOI fesch

He loves to win prizes with his works, for he likes to use the money for his travels. As soon as winter is over, he takes his bike out of the cellar and goes for a ride. If he wants to take longer journeys, he enjoys travelling by train. He is particularly fond of Linz and is looking forward to getting to know Austria better.

„It is important to me to put people in the foreground regardless of their disability. We are all unique and create wonderful things in the course of our lives. So are our artists. This is exactly what we want to make visible and experienceable. With this conscious focus we want to contribute to a better and more conscious coexistence in an inclusive society.“

Helmuth Stöber, founder of VOI fesch

Do you want to become active yourself?

If you would like to support the project, you will find all the necessary information on the website:

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