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Verein Interessengemeinschaft Sanierungsrecht (“Reconstruction Law Association”)


Painting “Phönix” by Helma Kantilli

With the initiative of our law firm the “Verein Interessengemeinschaft Sanierungsrecht” was founded in 2001. The association´s main intention is to stimulate interaction between legal science and business as well as trade and industry.

Additionally, our business offers lectures for lawyers, judges and creditor´s leagues.

Together with the nonprofit association “ReTurn Forum für Restrukturierung und Turnaround” and the Institute of Civil Law (“Abteilung für Privatrechtsentwicklung und Rechtsschutz”) the “Verein Interessengemeinschaft Sanierungsrecht” awards an annual prize (“Austrian Award for Reconstruction Management and Insolvency Law“).

The “Phoenix”, a painting by Helma Kantilli, is the heraldic animal of the association. It symbolizes that every crisis is also an opportunity.


PresidentMag. Thomas Kurz
Vice PresidentDr. Norbert Mooseder
TreasurerMag. Markus Dutzler
SecretaryDr. Kerstin Weber
AuditorDr. Erhard Hackl
AuditorMag. Maria Kincses

Current issues

Timeschedule_Insolvenzrecht und Sanierung_2018_2019.pdf (127,0 KiB)


Österreichischer Preis für Restrukturierungsmanagement und Insolvenzrecht

Abteilung Privatrechtsentwicklung und Rechtsschutz

ReTurn-Forum für Restrukturierung und Turnaround

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