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Children are hope

The declared goal of the organization OMO Child Ethiopia is not only to raise awareness of mingi, but to completely eliminate it by the year 2030

Lale Labuko, Founder of OMO Child Ethiopia

In this quiet time of the year let us think of one of the less fortunate, of those who are born with little hope in the new year: the Mingi children.

In Ethiopia, 200-300 children are killed every year due to the Mingi superstition. We will not only devote our annual donation to the OMO Children Project, but we also want to use our efforts to spread the word about this cruel practice.

Ethiopia is a landlocked country in the Horn of Africa, with around 102 million inhabitants, a rich cultural tradition and a history stretching back over three million years. It is the most densly populated landlocked country in the world, the second-most populous African nation, and one of the poorest countries in the world. The majority of the people belong to the Christian community.

However, in the remote Omo valley in the southwestern part of the country, certain tribes still believe in and practise Mingi, ritual infanticide. They believe evil spirits will bring ill fortune to them if Mingi children are not killed.


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