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Summer, limitless. Лето без границ. 夏日, 无限.

Never before have we received so much encouragement for two short sentences as for these: “The Danube knows no borders. Neither do we.” *

We all know about boundaries and liminal experiences from the last months. About the limits of what is feasible, controllable and responsible. And of the feeling of freedom that comes when boundaries fall. Especially now, in summer, which is inscribed in our attitude towards life as a time of departure, of letting go.

Some rush into this freedom, some feel their way forward, for others a feeling of insecurity about the dangers of boundlessness begins to spread. We experience this ambivalence of boundaries again and again in our legal counseling: on the one hand, the excitement of exploring, breaking open, and transgressing boundaries; on the other hand, the concern of being unprotected without limits.

We are required to navigate safely at the limits of law; no wobbly border crossings, but a firm step and good stance. This also characterizes the contributions to this newsletter:

In our office, the Danube’s boundlessness is audible: At birthday celebrations, many Danube languages resound – and more distant ones as well, for example Russian and Chinese, which are featured in the title of this newsletter.

We wish you a good and happy summer.

Your Haslinger / Nagele team

* The two-line text including the drawing comes from Karlheinz Wasserbacher, who has accompanied our advertising with graphics and texts for years.


12. July 2021

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