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Part-time and parental leave in the legal profession

“What hurdles do women in the legal profession face? What opportunities are offered to them? Do men in the legal profession also take parental leave?”

At the University of Vienna, currently 60% of law students are women. Among trainees there are around 49 female lawyers out of 51 trainee lawyers (female Associates at Haslinger/Nagele make up 65%). The situation is completely different for lawyers: only 23% of lawyers are female (at Haslinger/Nagele six lawyers out of 20 are female, which is also 23%, among them 4 partners).

The Institute of Lawyers’ Law (JKU Linz) will research the question of which hurdles women face in the legal profession and which prerequisites are necessary in order to remove these hurdles. We are happy that our Partner Daniela Huemer, counselor at the Institute, is involved in this project.

As an employer, we are aware of our responsibility towards our employees. We see equality not just as a question of justice, but also as an economic necessity: We strive for excellence and want the most talented people. We cannot afford not to tap the full potential of talented young people by ignoring barriers and inequalities that keep people from our profession or employment.

Therefore, at Haslinger/Nagele, we have taken various measures to promote gender equality and we evaluate them continuously.

Not only on #InternationalWomen’sDay.


2. April 2021

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