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Die Presse: interview with Fabian Blumberger

In times like these, when the world is struggling with a historic pandemic, a uniform regulation on remote working and related labor law issues is more present than ever.

Fabian Blumberger had the opportunity to answer questions on this controversial topic in the daily newspaper Die Presse, issued April 28th, 2021.

Remote working not only includes working from the employee’s home, but also from the home of a close relative or partner. However, all other forms of remote working, such as in coworking spaces, have not been stipulated yet. Questions relating to working hours law, which were expected to be clarified by the Home Office Legislative Package, also remained unanswered, said Blumberger.

Dr. Fabian Blumberger doubts whether the Home Office Legislative Package will actually make remote working more attractive in the medium term – in his opinion, the big hit has not materialized, and there is a risk of misjudgments in labor law.

You can read the whole article here.


28. April 2021

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