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“Die Macher” portrays Haslinger / Nagele

In its “Teamwork” series, the business magazine “Die Macher” presents companies which are characterized by a strong team spirit. Recently, “Die Macher” visited our office in Vienna to interview some of our employees. This resulted in a very positive and likable portrayal of our team.Titelbild mit MitarbeiterInnen der Kanzlei auf einem Balkon

(f.l.t.r. Melissa Neuhauser, Alexandra Hüttner, Johannes Hartlieb, Alexander Hiersche, Isabella Göschl, Janine Schreivogl, Barbara Jakubowics, Kaleb Kitzmüller)

The article highlights that our employees appreciate in particular the early involvement in the decision-making processes, the effort to overcome outdated gender-specific role models, the respectful cooperation with colleagues and flat hierarchies.

Kaleb Kitzmüller, one of our associates who has gained professional experience in various law firms, puts it straight:

We think that we’re a bit cooler than the rest.


14. October 2019

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