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Litigation & Arbitration

It‘s the strategy, stupid! When it comes to legal battles, it takes a cool head to prevail in the heat of the fight.

We represent the interest of our clients in all court and out-of-court disputes, at civil and special courts as well as before national and international arbitral tribunals, in mediation procedures and at supreme courts of justice. Our services go beyond the typical litigation practice from collecting the facts and documents on the subject matter and history of the case, elaborating a sound line of argument all the way to implementing enforcement measures. Needless to say that when it comes to avoiding or preparing for court litigation, we draw on our first-rate experience in all our areas of competence, for instance when it comes to drafting of incontestable clauses and structures that will reliably stand up in court.

The partners in our team are highly sought-after arbitrators. We are thus well placed to provide our clients with a broad range of first-class legal skills and in-depth experience.

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