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Intellectual Property & Unfair Competition

Pioneers and Plagiators... or: protecting your rights is what we do best!

Intellectual property rights
We assist Austrian and international companies from all business sectors in developing, managing and enforcing industrial property rights.
Today, more than ever, products, services and companies are identified by their marks, labels, logos, slogans and similar. However, these are increasingly threatened by free-riders, imitators and counterfeiters as trade barriers are being whittled away. Regardless, many companies still consider trade marks, designs, patents and works to be mere shibboleths. They fail to appreciate the actual value these crucial tools have in business life. Our job is to make sure these tools are expertly used and to offer bespoke solutions for setting up, managing and enforcing an intellectual property portfolio. Our aim is to facilitate clear market positioning and recognition by the target audience.

Competition law
Imitations, defamatory or misleading statements are common, unfair commercial practices adopted by competitors. We support clients in their effort to avert any anticompetitive behaviour, on the one hand, and verify the compliance of any proposed promotional activity, on the other.
Needless to say we are happy to answer all your inquiries regarding the commercial exploitation (licences, sale, pledging) and acquisition (purchase, licencing) of intellectual property rights. Our services include advice on all matters relating to privacy and e-commerce, telecommunications, IT outsourcing and software.

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