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Datenschutz und Telekommunikation | Haslinger / Nagele, Illustration: Karl-Heinz Wasserbacher

Data Protection & Telecommunications

Laws against Leaks or how to protect your rights on the battlefield of data.

In the last few years, awareness of the need for data protection has risen considerably – not least due to the European Data Protection Basic Regulation (DSGVO). Those who think they can disregard data protection are mistaken. Violations of data protection are subject to significant penalties. Therefore, more than ever, companies need to optimise data protection and the principle of “precaution instead of aftercare” points the way ahead.

But through the labyrinth of data protection you don’t have to find your way alone, because we are pleased to accompany you safely to your goal! Therefore we are not only at your disposal for advice on general and special aspects of data protection or for the optimisation and implementation of data protection in your company, but also support you in enforcing your rights and take your defence against third party claims in our own hands!

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